Xhorse new APP for vvdi mini key tool, vvdi key tool, Dolphin

xhorse company launched new app that can be use to vvdi key tool ,vvdi mini key tool,Xhorse Dolphin , and also you can exchange tokens from this new app ,

That new app will instead of old one what is used to vvdi key tool , right now , it contain 2 language ( English/Chinese) ,xhorse company will add more and more language in future , please change your app in your phone , we will no longer put service on the old one.

Where to download this APP?

Go to Google Play / Apple store and search “Xhorse”.

This is Android APP QR code:


This is New APP home menu.


Here comes Settings area incl. Bluetooth setting, Language and about us.

* Turn on Bluetooth to search the Xhorse Device (vvdi key tool ,vvdi mini key tool, Dolphin); The language is Chinese and English now.

xhorse-3-in-1-app-03-576x1024 xhorse-3-in-1-app-04-576x1024

Here comes Mini Key tool operation menu:

Vehicle remote

Garage remote

Remote clone

Transponder clone

Generate transponder

Special function


Here comes Condor Dolphin operation menu:

Vehicle database

Cut by Bitting

Universal key duplication

All key lost

Find Bitting

Machine Parameter



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