Xhorse Multi Prog V21 Database Add VAG SIMOS12.1 SIMOS12.2

VVDI Multi Prog V21 Database is available! VAG SIMOS12.1 SIMOS12.2 is added.


V21 Database Update Info (2024-05-06):

* The AM29FXXX series adds a temporary unblock protection function

* Update the option SONATA(2009-2010)(S29CDO16J) wiring diagram in <ECU>-><HYUNDAI>

* Fixed the EMS6104(AM29F400BB) option to erase the exception problem in <ECU>-><SIEMENS>

* Fixed bugs in TC2XX(JTAG) options in <MCU>-><Infineon>

* Repair ROEWE BMS(MPC5607B)read exception problem in <OTHER>-><SAICMOTOR>-><SAICMOTOR>

* Repair MPC5605B option wiring picture in <MCU>-><Motorola>-><MPC560XXX>

* Update the option CS75-AIRCONDITION-MODULE(2014) wiring diagram in <OTHER>-><CHANGAN>

* Fixed the 523-AIRBAG option exception problem in <AIRBAG>-><BMW>

* Optimize the MAC7241 and MAC7242 options process in <MCU>-><Freescale>-><MAC7XXX>

* Fixed some MC9S12 chip and module options verification failure

* Update some options wiring diagram in <MCU>-><RENESAS>-><R8C>

* Add the function of security status judgment in <MCU>-><MEGAWIN>-><MEGAWIN82>

* Fixed the MB91F526 connection failure problem in <MCU>-><Fujitsu>-><MB91FXXX>

+ The models of the read and write function modules that support Bench and Boot mode on the ECM are as follows:



+ Add R7F701333A option in <MCU>-><Renesas>-><RH850>

+ Add MPC5673K, MPC5674K, MPC5675K options in <MCU>-><MOTOROLA>-><MPC567XX>

+ Add TC27X-64F option in <MCU>-><Infineon>-><TC2XXX>

+ Add BYD ECU CONTROL MODULE(TB30) option in <ECU>-><BYD>-><OTHER>

+ Add TIGUAN Navigation Module(STM8S207CBT6) option in <OTHER>-><VOLKSWAGEN>-><VOLKSWAGEN>

+ Add TOYOTA Sensor Steering(CY96F636R) option in <OTHER>-><TOYOTA>-><TOYOTA>

+ Add Feidi Dito BCM(STMAF5289) option in <OTHER>-><Feidi>-><Feidi>

+ Add BAOJUN 730 BCM(D70F3628)-LOCK-READ, BAOJUN 730 BCM(D70F3628)-LOCK-WRITE options in <OTHER>-><Saic>-><SAICMOTOR>



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