The Most Eye-catching Xhorse King Card Smart Remote Coming Soon!

The newest Xhorse King Card Smart Remote is coming! It’s the most eye-catching version of XS Smart Remote ranges, featuring the thickness of only 2.5 coins, 4 buttons on the side and two built-in 3V batteries.


Xhorse King Card  Overview:

Xhorse King Card Features:


  1. Remarkably thin and incredibly light
  • Size: 44*74*5mm

xhorse-king-card-smart-remote-2 xhorse-king-card-smart-remote-3


  1. Round design and sensitive buttons
  • Unlock, lock, trunk and panic.
  • Easy to see by the layout.
  • Compact feel



  1. Long service life
  • 2 built-in 3V batteries


  1. Extraordinary experience
  • More colors, more choices.



One of a kind, designed for an extraordinary experience.

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For the support list, you can check the smart remote list in the Xhorse app or contact us.

And here is the real pics of Xhorse King Card Diamond Blue Smart key:




Xhorse King Card Key Slimmest Universal Smart Remote 4 Buttons Best price here: