Xhorse Key Tool Plus with Ford AKL Cable Program 2018 Ford Mustang Okay


Keys all cleared out and couldn’t add keys back in. Having an active alarm situation.

First time trying the 2018 Ford Mustang Alarm Active Bypass Cable, worked like a charm.


Connection Diagram:




More details about connection:

Step 1

Unhook positive lead, connect orange clip to positive lead.


Connect red clip to the battery.



Step 2

Low battery, so also put a jump box on the positive lead and then to the negative terminal to ground it out.


Step 3

Plug cable to OBD connector and OBD port.



Step 4

Latch the doors so the car thinks the doors are closed. (Driver door as it said, but open passenger door as well because the cable is not long enough to reach the battery on passenger side)



Step 5

Went through a 10-minute process, and it programmed the keys right in one try


That’s how Key Tool Plus program Ford Mustang 2018 with Ford AKL Cable.

Credits to russej02

Hope this could help!

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