Xhorse Key Tool Plus Program King Card for 2011 Chevrolet Cruise Smart Key

Xhorse KING CARD features a special card-like smart key and is only 5mm thin. The unique design offers users an extraordinary driving experience. It’s compact, light weighted, and versatile.

And here is the review from Jin In-ho

copied and entered the smart key of 2011 Chevrolet Cruise car with a king card-type smart key.

xhorse-king-card-2011-chevrolet-cruise-smart-key-1 xhorse-king-card-2011-chevrolet-cruise-smart-key-2 xhorse-king-card-2011-chevrolet-cruise-smart-key-3 xhorse-king-card-2011-chevrolet-cruise-smart-key-4 xhorse-king-card-2011-chevrolet-cruise-smart-key-5


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