Xhorse Key Cutting Machine Cut Mercedes Benz HU64 Key Tips

One customer gave feedback that he cut VVDI MB Key via HU64 option using Xhorse Key Cutting Machine but key didn’t work.

So, how to cut Benz HU64 key? Here we have collected several tips on it.


There are 3 HU64 options for Benz, what is the difference?

1.HU64-1/ -2/ -3 and the years before and after 2010, a different distance in first bitting

2.Before 2010, the first step at a distance of 580 means 5.8mm; same on others, HU64-2 4.5mm, hu64-3 3.8mm




Then how to select different HU64 options?

1.Check shoulder

Single shoulder or double, single shoulder is hu64-3; if not, the others.



2.Lishi door

If 9 wafers, it’s hu64-3 if 10 it’s hu64-1 or 64-2.


Experience from Liudmil Docev:

I’m cutting it all off at 64.

Basically all Chinese BGA are intended for 64-3, however, there are those that are not nice and when you cut it into 3, it cannot enter because it does not let the plates down. 64-3 is on the new locks 2011+

If you can see a big beak in front, cut at 64-3 goes in well.

CGDI vs XHORSE. If you cut the left CGDI like 64-3 it won’t go in. At Horse’s, it’s good.



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Credits to Rudy, Mateusz, Simon…

Hope this could help!

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