Xhorse Manual Key Cutting Machine Comparison: Dolphin XP008 vs Condor XC009

This article is a comparison of two Xhorse Manual Key Cutting Machine: Dolphin XP008 and Condor XC009.


Take a look at their differences:

Machine Condor XC-009 Dolphin XP-008
xhorse-manual-machine-comparison-dolphin-xp008-vs-condor-xc009-1 xhorse-manual-machine-comparison-dolphin-xp008-vs-condor-xc009-2
Manipulation Manual Cutting Manual Cutting
Cutting Piece Cutting Plate Cutting Plate
Cutting Key Single/Double-Sided Key
Bit/Double Bit Key
Multi-Function Clamp 4-Side Clamp 3-Side Clamp
Built-in Battery
Power 110W 145W
Spindle Speed 900rpm 1050rpm
Net Weight 10.8kg 10.8kg
Gross Weight 14.0kg 12.5kg
Machine Dimensions 285*175*200mm 305*185*200mm
Package Dimensions 420*310*300mm 435*370*315mm



1)Both machines are easy to carry as they are light and there are built-in lithium batteries inside

2)Dolphin XP-008 is designed for special keys such as bit/ pump/ safe deposit box keys, while Condor XC-009 is for regular key (side key), which other machines like Dolphin XP005/XP005L could also cut

3)They cut keys by plates but cutting plates are not compatible



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