Xhorse Dolphin XP005 Cut Benz HU64 Review

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Hey guys, I have a question for anyone that duplicate/cuts Mercedes HU64 emergency keys. I’ve duplicated/cut so far 40 Mercedes HU64 emergency keys and only 10 of them work so I ordered these HU64 MFK Refill Blades to use as test keys and they all work when duplicated. I compared them both and noticed that the key fob key is different than the MFK refills. I use the Dolphin XP-005 to duplicate these keys. Should I shave the tip or is there a trick for cutting Mercedes key fob emergency keys? Thanks in advance.


1.I had same problem. But now instead I decode and cut using the universal decode. Just make sure sample is clean.

Does it works everytime on universal? Or miss sometimes?

worked every time so far

I cut them all the time on my Dolphin, newer had any problems. I use universal copy.


2.Need locksmith skills. Read as HU64. HU64-2 or calliper, and this blade must CUT as HU64-3

3.Read with Hu64 and cut under hu64-3 work every time

4.The problem here is in the white circle, It should be cut a little back


5.I use vvdi mb keys and cut on hu64-2 with dolphin and works fine every time for me

6.There are 3 types of hu64 in menu 1.HU64 2.64-2 3.HU64-3.

you must choose the right type for decoding (or decode with your eyes) and cut with right choose of type in menü.
If you look closer in the information you will see the beginning for the cut in mm is different. Hu64 begins by 580 like in picturer. Hu64-2 by 450 and hu 64-3 by 380. and for sure it will not work because of the shoulder of the key like anas grfan here in the comments show at the picture


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