Xhorse Dolphin Renault 4 button card emergency blade

I have tried to cut one of these Renault 4 button card emergency blade today and the Xhorse Dolphin cut it ok.
the problem is the depth of the cut is wrong, is there a fix for this ?

dolphin-renault-4-button-card-emergency-blade-01 dolphin-renault-4-button-card-emergency-blade-02


Xhorse chief engineer solution:

Please copy by using Xhorse Universal Smart Key Knife Style XSKF01EN.



Read article:

Xhorse Dolphin XP005 feedback  (Someone tested decode & cut ok for the 2009-Renault emergency blade.)


And here is one locksmith’s solution:

Manual machine – No problem

Automatic – need to make a small spacer about 0,7mm-0,8mm – from sheet metal – About the same thickness of a lot vehicles.

So you can make it from an old door of a car, from the junkyard.
Same problem with Toyota one side cut. Same solution with this.
I have not used the Dolphin with this spacer, but other automatic machine works fine.
I guess I can test the Xhorse Dolphin XP005 also, one day.


Good luck!


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