Xhorse Condor XC-Mini Plus Incorrect Time Display Solution


Condor XC-MINI Plus, the time on the screen was set correctly before, but every time I turn it on, it became wrong again.



Xhorsevvdi technician gives the


Replace the button battery (CR1220) on the motherboard.


Detailed Procedure:

Step 1. Remove screws on the screen and the back cover, and take them away.

Step 2. The motherboard on the left is tightened by 3 hexagon screws, which requires an extended handle or a long-handled hexagon wrench to take it out.


Step 3. When you take out the motherboard, you’ll see the button battery (CR1220).


Step 4. Replace the battery and restore everything.

Step 5. Turn on the machine, adjust the time setting, and everything should be fine.

BTW, such procedures (that require taking the machine apart) Under Our Guidance won’t affect its warranty.


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