Xhorse Condor XC-MINI Cut Toyota Rush X2248 Key Feedback

Condor XC-MINI Plus can fully replace condor mini machine.And Condor XC-MINI,Condor XC-MINI plus accessories like cutter,probe,battery.etc are compatible.Recently,we received feebdack about Condor XC-MINI Cut Toyota Rush X2248 Key.

This is an aftermarket keyline key cut by the condor mini. It cannot cut the 9 like the one in the picture.

We dont have the original.The key was designed to allow locksmiths to make the 9 cut on aftermarket keys.

The information is in the instacode database but when I send to condor by bluetooth only the 8 cut show All keys lost.

The ignition has only 1 tumbler at number 9 position.It is in instacode but not in the condor.The picture I sent is from my phone with instacode



I tried sending to the condor via bluetooth from my phone, but only the 8 cut comes up on the condor.

This is the original key. It comes with the 9th cut already on the key at #3 depth.
The key will unlock the door only but will not work in the ignition since its missing the 9th cut at #3 depth.

Reaply from Tech:


It is 8 position,the 9 one comes with the original key blade.It needs you use the original key blade or the position 9 prepare well before cut by condor mini.

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