Xhorse Condor XC-003 Key Cutting Machine Preview

Condor XC-003 Key Cutting Machine is xhorse new key cutting machine,will come soon.This blog introduces Condor XC-003 Key cutting machine info.Please excepting new Condor xc-003 key cutting machine.


Condor XC-003 Key Cutting Machine

Top 8Reasons to Get Condor XC-003:
1.Aluminums Body, Stable and Solid
2.Ergonomic Designed handle, easy to operate
3.Large clamp spacing, able to insert 112mm key with plastic
4.Customized high hardness tungsten steel cutter, efficient and durable
5.High-Precision key cutting
6.Built-in super power customized motor, strong power ensures working smoothly
7.Built-in LED Lights
8.Free technical support

Condor XC-003 Key Cutting Machine Features:

1.Humanized design, comfortable operation:
Combined ergonomics design with modern aesthetic design, provides strong feeling of control.
Streamlined drive handle, able to adjust the operation angle, ensure comfort of operation.
Self-resetting for self-locking working table design, continuously press down the handle to lock and reset the working table, easy to operate.
Special structure with 4 sides rotating clamp, able to switch working side easily by one hand, high efficient and time-saving.
112mm wide clamp spacing for cutting plastic key directly.
High-brightness LED lighting, convenient to working in low light environment.
Removable free splashing brush, used to polish and other micro-processing, ensure the surface finish of keys.

2.Multiple protection measures, ensure safety:
Power switch protection for both power cable and machine body, effectively avoid accident causing by touching power.
The working table will be locked when position clap attaches onto the clamp, avoid error operation.
Users can press down self-reset for self-locking working table handle under unexpected situation for motor emergency stop, ensure safety.
Factory equipped with safety shield, prevent cutting debris from spattering to hurt people and affect the environment.

3.Precision manufacturing, stable and efficient:
CONDOR XC-003 is aluminum body.
Ensure the machine precision and firmness, with light weight, easy to carry.
Built-in a super power low noise current 200W motor, customized high hardness tungsten steel cuter, able to cut various of side-open metal keys efficiently.
Precision fine guide pin, able to make adjustment according to key and cutter wear condition, achieve precision clone at the level of 0.01mm.

4.Professional technical support team:
Professional technical support team guarantee users’ benefits maxim-ally.



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Condor XC-003 Real Pic Preview:


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