Xhorse Condor Mini Plus Vs Dolphin XP005 Cutting Machine

This article responds to a question often asked by locksmiths “What are the differences between Xhorse Condor Mini Plus and Dolphin XP005 key cutting machine? Which one is suitable for my needs?” Generally speaking, CONDOR MINI Plus is working more stable than Dolphin XP005, Dolphin XP005 is portable and suitable for outdoor key cutting job.

The following paragraphs will include both official claimed pros and cons, also locksmiths’ reviews of both key cutting machines.



CONDOR MINI Plus is better than Dolphin XP005 in the following aspects:

  1. The mechanical life is longer.
  2. The key cutting is more accurate.
  3. CONDOR MINI Plus has bigger power with 3 million electric shocks.


Image: cut 75190 keys continually 


Xhorse CONDOR XC-MINI Plus Pros: 

  1. Has brand new internal PCB.


  1. The adjustable screen comes with 3 specifications, which allows the user to adjust the screen to the appropriate height and prevent the problem of reflection in the sun.


  1. The cutting chips protection cover is added to prevent the key debris from entering the inside of the machine, and the short circuit is avoided after the power is turned on (the position of the Condor Mini protection cover is open and cannot be guaranteed)


  1. Has bigger dust cover and larger bottom tray, which is more secure than CONDOR XC-MINI.


  1. There is an opening at the bottom of the device, and there is also a receiving tray for receiving debris, which increases the protection mechanism and prolongs the service life of the device.



Image: Xhorse Condor Mini plus comes with adjustable screen.



Image: Condor Mini plus has cutting chips protection cover.



Image: Condor Mini plus has larger tray.


Xhorse CONDOR XC-MINI Plus Cons:

About 799usd more expensive than Dolphin XP005


Dolphin XP005 Features:

  1. No display screen
  2. Match key via APP running with a Android /IOS phone or PAD.


Dolphin XP005 Pros:

  1. This price is cheaper than CONDOR MINI Plus.


  1. The weight is lighter and easy to take outdoor to cut the keys.


  1. Share as the same Clamp as CONDOR MINI Plus.


  1. Can cut the key when all keys lost: you can connect APP to check, the database of all keys lost is as the same as CONDOR MINI Plus. Note: please ensure the network is connected.


  1. Dolphin is built-in lithium battery that can be fully charged in 3 hours. When the battery is full, it can cut 20 keys continuously, if not cut key, it has long standby time.


Dolphin Using Tips:

The protective cover is relative smaller than Condor Mini Plus, you are remind of wearing the goggles to prevent debris from flying upwards.



Image: the left one is Dolphin XP005, the right one is CONDOR MINI Plus.


Part 3. Condor XC Mini Plus Review vs. Dolphin Review

Condor XC mini plus reviews

  1. I did a 2010 Suzuki alto today with condor, hu133r kd blade worked perfect.


  1. Decoded HU100 key today with Condor XC mini plus, sec e9 can not. Condor cut HU100 wrong, to wide track and to much to the left. Put in biting in sec e9, cut perfekt key, but cannot decode.


3.Peugeot 107 is va6

Va2T on 107 up to 2013.
And I done one today. Decoded and cut perfectly.
Va6 decode by eye and enter manually on va2eh2 card.
I only see these on citroen DS and renaults in my day to day jobs really.


  1. I decoded few of the older keys (HU64), so no problems there. Then took picture of the decoding and manually wrote the coding on HU64-3 and were no problems.


  1. Dolphin and condor mini both use the same database


  1. At first, Cant cut Volvo HU56R, always overcut…2.5 mm cutter….

First, I was told ” you must set cutting -0,35 and all ok.”

Like this



  1. The one on top is the original.
    After cutting a key, that would not work, i calibrated the condor.
    Cut a new key, showing in the picture.
    Checked it with a caliper. Seems perfect.
    But not opening the lock.
    Org opens lock smooth.
    Could it be the shoulder, shifting the blade of center?
    Car is no longer in my shop, and this key, i send to customer.
    what am I missing here, this key should work?!?



Reply: the hu64 has 3 type of the tip , the angle of those 3 types are different , the picture you put what above is hu64-3 , downside is hu64-2 , you need to choose correct angel of it , the shoulder is of the blade will effect nothing about open the lock ,


  1. Condor mini PLUS contains no battery inside, need to connect with power cable.


Dolphin key cutting machine reviews:
Decode and cut HU64 old style blade: Result Success
Use bitting, and write into new style HU64-3: Result Success

This is the first time experienced that this actually works.
This has always failed in some way earlier.
Not sure if there was some update, which did the trick.

This door lock was in very good condition. It was working really smooth. Not adding any lubrication.


1,5mm which machine says is recommended.

To be updating…



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