Xhorse Condor MINI Plus Error Code 50 Tips

Xhorse condor mini plus powerful automatic key cutting machine, and we received feedback that condor xc-mini plus got error “Learn fail: 50, error code=50”

The error pic like the following pic:


I bought the condo xc mini plus.

Model EPp-300-24

The machine can’t read the key.

Machine says learn fail 7 probe error not detected.

Please let me know why?


Here is the engineer reply:

1.The key blade or fixture is not clamped well, and it is in a shaking state, and it is detected immediately after the probe is completed. Therefore, then please fasten the clamp and key blade.

2 The machine has occasional conductivity abnormalities, which happened to burst during the detection process. Check the electrical conductivity of the machine

And here is the guide

Enter main interface and click on ‘Self Test’ of condor mini plus.


Click on “Electrical conductivity measurement”


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