Xhorse Cloud Smart-Your Online Remote Assistance

Xhorse Cloud Smart Mode B and Mode C 2 in 1. Support OBDI pin adaptive (baud rate, impedance), support B/C mode, support low-speed CAN, high-speed CAN, CANFD, DOIP.

Here is the Xhorse Cloud Smart Preview

Cloud Smart Key Features:
Support CAN2.0, J2534 DOIP. CANFD
Identify CAN2.0 type
Detect CAN2.0 Baud Rate
Support Mode-B and Mode-C Simultaneously
Car Voltage Replay(Mode-B)
Smart APP Control


Xhorse VVDI Cloud Smart Function:
Support adaptive OBD ll pin(Baud rate,impedance)
Support Mode-B and Mode-C simultaneously
Support low-speed CAN,high-speed CAN,DOIP
Support simultaneous working of three high speed CAN protocols
Support local J2534 and remote J2534(coming soon)
Support remote diagnosis and local diagnosis
(local diagnosis will be launched soon)


More info, we will keep updating:


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