Xhorse Adapter for Reading MQB48 NEC35XX Chip Launched

After Xhorse released MQB48 Function, two adapters aimed at reducing risks of reading data will be launched soon.

Here we will show you what they are.


1.Xhorse MQB-RH850 Adapter

This is a good alternative for users who prefer soldering to lifting/ cutting pin.

It only works with VVDI Key Tool Plus Pad, but is compatible with all supported dashboards


Soon we can exchange 500 points for this adapter.


2.Xhorse MQB NEC35XX Solder-free Adapters

This adapter would allow us to read nec35xx chip without soldering.

It works with VVDI PROG and Xhorse Tablet, but different dashboards require different adapters



It is still under development and will come soon.


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