What is VVDI2 Transponder Programmer Software “IMMO-1 IMMO-2”?

VVDI2 Immobilizer Data Tool,  this function can make a working key directly with immobox EEPROM dump. Support most of the car manufacture.


And in the list, customer found IMMO-1,IMMO-2,What is immo 1 Immo 2?

And customers Brendon Rac in Xhorse FB forum gave suggestion:

Old Opel 1995-1998

Immo 1 is ID33
Immo 2 is ID40

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If your database is in Chinese,please contact us online,send your VVDI2 SN and country,we will change to GL English language. And after we inform you OK,delete old software,install vvdi2 software again.

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