What is the preprocess of vvdi key tool plus BMW FEM?

When use vvdi key tool plus auto diagnose BMW FEM/BDC car, it shows the result that system status “preprocess, what is the meaning? What are the steps?


Usually when you do key programming, vvdi key tool plus will display the steps, just operate like the key tool plus display is OK.

1.      Read key information

Get all the key ID and status (whether to enable) in the car immo system.

Read the car immo system status, version number and key ID and key status, etc.

If there is an abnormal situation for the vehicle, please continue after correction.


2.      Programming FEM/BDC system

This function will automatically back up FEM/BDC system code, the backup code will fail during the preprocessing process, you need to back up manually (it is OK to back up successfully once during the entire vehicle operation process).

Please check if the original key is normal first after preprocess

In this step, it will do preprocessing.


3.      Prepare dealer key with ignition switch

This function will use the car ignition switch to generate dealer key.

Ensure that the frequency is consistent before learning keys, if the learning always fails, replace other keys to try.

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