What is difference xhorse super remote and wire/wrireless remote key?

Xhorse VVDI Super Remote Key DS Style 3 Buttons is new arrival product, and its outlook is DS one. And Xhorse also sells wire key,wireless key,it is universal type too, you may confused what is the new xhorse super remote key features? how to choose xhorse key?


1.What is difference between xhorse super remote and xhorse wire/rireless remote key?
1. Xhorse Wireless key is with the NXP chip (which is like the hitag series chips, like the chip ID46 and ID47).Xhorse wire key is without NXP chip.
2. Xhorse Super remote, it is wtih the vvdi super chip inside, so it can support more types.
3. Super remote and xhorse wire/wireless remote key, their PCB and the remote control part is the same.
4. In brief,xhorse super remote covers all function of wire and wireless key.

The VVDI super remote can be used as the following chips

7935 (33 40 41 42 43) 4D (60 63 70 80 83 72G 67 69)
7936 (46) 4E (64)
7938 (47) 4C (CAROLLA EX)
7939 (49) 8C (Haima)
7937 (46) 8A (Toyota H chip, Hyundai – copy)
7946 (46) 48 (VW, AUDI)
7947 (47) 8E

2.And what is difference about xhorse wire remote key and wireless remote key,you can check from the blog:

What is Difference of Xhorse Wireless Remote Key and Wire Key?

3.What is difference of Xhorse Smart Key and Xhorse Remote key?

Smart key covers all functions of Xhorse wireless key.

Ordinary wireless key generally implement remote control functions, and some start functions of cars.

Smart key can automatically unlock the door (close to the car unlocks automatically, the original car automatically locks the door) and other intelligent functions.

XhorseVVDI.com has two Smart key sell at present

3.1.Xhorse Universal Smart Key Colorful Crystal Style 4 Buttons


3.2.Xhorse Universal Smart Proximity Key


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