What is Difference of Xhorse Wireless Remote Key and Wire Key?

Xhorse remote key has wireless one and wire one,all of them supported to work with VVDI2 and VVDI Key Tool. Meanwhile,universal xhorse remote key can support to use multiple car models,not limited the car brand we write on product title if you do not mind its outlook.Here,we will introdut Difference about Xhorse Wireless Remote Key and Wire Key.

1.How to distinguish Xhorse Wireless remote key and Wire remote key?

Xhorse wireless remote key is with NXP chip.

NXP chip is immo chip,like 46/4D chip.If you use wireless key,it is already with IMMO chip,can generate new key directly.But if wire one,you need to add a immo chip like 46 chip into wire key,then can use normally to start car.


Wireless remote key and wire key PCB back photo:


Open the Xhorse remote key case



Xhore remote key wireless one:


Xhore remote key wire one:


Or you can check product title

For example,XHORSE vvdi key tool Hyundai Style X007 Universal Remote key 3 Buttons 5pcs/lot

XHORSE DS Style Wireless Universal Remote Key 3 Buttons XN002 5pcs/lot

X007 and XN002

XN one is wireless remote,X one is wire remote.

2.Xhorse Wireless Remote Key and Wire Key Connection

Xhorse Wireless Remote Key use wireless way,no need cable connection

Xhorse Wire Key Connection

2.1. VVDI Key Tool

Use VVDI Key Tool programming cable connect with key.



Use VVDI2 remote programmer cable,connect with wire key and VVDI2.


3.Xhorse Remote Key Bonus Points

Wireless remote can collect 40 points each key,Wire remote 25 points.


4.Xhorse New Key


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