VVDI2 / VVDI-Prog test reports, experience, instructions

Someone has just got hold of Xhorse VVDI2 & VVDI-prog, and getting to know what they can & can’t do and generally get more experience using them testing the various features. So… I thought it might be a good idea to put here.

  1. The first job I did with this kit was actually a2004 Suzuki Jimny, literally within around 30 – 45 minutes of the parcel being delivered. The software was quick and easy to install (No cd provided, need to download from dealer website and update to latest version).

Anyway, for the Suzuki i used the VVDI-prog with the EEPROM clip adapter to read the immobox 24c01 in-circuit. Then using the VVDI2 immobiliser data tool, i was able to create a dealer key with an Xhorse 4d/4c chip. Write the new dump back to the immobox with VVDI-prog, put it all back together and worked first time thankfully after previous failed attempts with other devices.

Anyway end goal complete and happy with the new purchase

  1. I read uch renault megane 9s12 maska 4L91N NO PROBLEM , READ OK

3.tested a 5 all keys lost 2009 by Obd

  1. the B8 audi problem depends from gateway version .

not all are supported.

but read the dump from gateway it easy and fast to done.

also with vvdi prog clip

  1. I bought a vvdi prog, for almost 2 months, and it works perfectly, I tested it on several MCU, no problem

Someone think the only drawback is that it is not supplied with all the adapters, I don’t think so I personally don’t actually see this as a drawback as such, because if the device were supplied with all the adapters, then the initial purchase price would be higher and not everyone wants or needs every adapter, so it is cheaper for them to pick and choose what they want.

it was easy just to click a few extra buttons and add the adapters to the list (and with there being many more items in the cart used this to help negotiate with the seller for discounted rates off the total).

  1. I had a 2003 Golf 4 to program a new key and remote.

Programmed the transponder to start car ok, but had problems adapt the remote with VVDI2.

Someone feedback “Use VCDS for Remote Control is Fast and Easy”, and someone feedback “For VVDI2, try to enter diagnose—-channel 09  or channel 46.

7.vvdi prog allows write isn to dme but you need change isn manula in the dump.

when it read out the ecu it will show you the original isn from ecu.send xhorsevvdi.com enginner the files.he can change it for you.

skype: sales@xhorsevvdi.com

Vvdi prog can Read cas4 and also the car ecu .test can be done with bmw Explorer. Vvid2 bmw can also do isn adapt.

Yes im Sure. Tested on bench at home

but you need have working key to decrypt the cas4 data


To be continued…


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