VVDI2 VVDI MB Tool Common Test Platform

The test platform is to simulate the communication on the vehicle, so that the control unit on the vehicle is separated from the vehicle for communication and matching.

The commonly used platforms are: BMW, Benz, VW.

1.Mercedes-Benz test platform:

All-in-one: supports the connection of W166, W212, W221, W204, W164. Some cars must use the connecting test cable when all key lost, otherwise the data cannot be collected, like W164 W204 W221

Multi-Function Test Platform For BENZ

Equipped with upgrade slot to upgrade to new FBS4 / older Motorola locks

Available at any types of engine, gearbox, steering Angle and so on
Standard test for 221 207 204 164 166 204 204 212 246 218 and other ELV and dashboards
With this test platform, the BMW CAS4 CAS4 + key can be programmed on the workbench by OBD without opening the machine cover, thus avoiding car power loss and data loss caused by long time unlocking of the CAS4 / CAS4 + on the car.

This kind of platform can carry out independent communication programming for BMW FEM BDC, and can directly learn the key on the platform.

Because matching the BMW FEM BDC key requires programming, if there is no test platform, you need to repeatedly plug and unplug, better to equip the BMW FEM BDC with a test platform.

4.Cable for V-A-G MQB Work with Iscancar VAG-MM007

5.BMW FEM / BDC Programming Power Supply Work with BMW FEM/BDC Test Platform


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