VVDI2 VAG v5.2.5 on MQB key programming feedback Yes and No

Here VVDI2 VAG v5.2.5 feedback on VW MQB NEC35XX key programming.


  1. I have use VVDI2 VAG v5.2.5 Done 2016 a3 (MQB system) works like a charm. Cars after 2014 07 r supported except jc and virtual cockpit.
  2. VVDI2 programsVW MQB NEC35XX Smart Key

Procedure: http://blog.xhorsevvdi.com/how-to-use-vvdi2-to-program-vw-mqb-nec35xx-system-smart-keys/

Claimed VVDI2 VAG MQB support list:

VAG V5.2.0 =====

  1. Improvement MQB NEC35xx immobilizer/KM function, support following cars:

Audi A3/S3 2014+

Audi Q2

VW Golf7

VW Polo(MQB)

VW Tiguan II

VW Touran II

VW crafter 2017+

VW Passat B8 without virtual cockpit

Skoda Octavia III 2014.07+

Skoda Rapid 2015.06+

Skoda Kodiaq

Skoda Superb III

Seat Ibiza/Ateca/Toledo 2015.06+

VAG V5.2.1 update on MQB:

  1. Bugfix for access some MQB(Continental/VDO) instrument
  2. Improvement for prepare MQB dealer key: Now we support all original blank key or MQB key made by VVDI
  3. Improement for MQB key learning


Vvdi2 cannot read eepromb immo data from audi a3 2013 mqb with keyless go. Because cars before 2014 aren’t supported…
Here is screen shot.

vvdi2-vag-mqb-key-add-01 vvdi2-vag-mqb-key-add-02

Using tips:

Tip 1:  This type only support cars with cluster Continental/VDO. JCI type and virtual cockpit was not include

Tip 2: Improvement for prepare dealer key: support original blank key and MQB key made by VVDI

Tip 3: MQB Immobilizer function require extra license. Customer who have copy 48 (96 bit) license will get MQB license for free

Tip 4: Improvement for key learn function

Tip 5: Bugfix for access some MQB instrument

Tip 6: Only supports MQB key add not support all keys lost.

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