VVDI2 VAG V4.7.8 read A4 2007 RB8 success

Confirmed: VVDI2 VAG V4.7.8 can read A4 2007 RB8 success

If you have no idea how to setup settings, what options so I could be reading RB8 CS?

Read this picture:


+1 feedback:

RB8 works fine. Just tried it for you. 8E0920931F

Anyway, I can confirm the immo data write functions isn’t working.
Keylearning is a different story as RB8 is IMMO4 so no regular key learning via login!

Meanwhile, many people feedback they tried and tried, it doesn’t even communicate, they are saying RB8 doesn’t work at all.

Official reply:

RB8 is working with VVDI2 but only read immodata and add key to dump. Normal key learning procedure doesnt work and copy immodata doesnt work also (it writes only VIN).

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