VVDI2 V4.8.0 Software Free Download

VVDI2  new update to V4.8.0 2017-12-04
VAG V4.8.0
1. Enhancement for 48 copy (96 bit). All Custer updates to the latest V4.8.0 for copy function
2. Enhancement for OBD 48 copy. Fixbug for Passat / CC copy service, add support copy type of CDC32xx in OBD 48 copy
3. Bugfix for some Q3 dashboard in IMMO4 system
4. Improvement for autodetct in system IMMO4
5. BugfixBugfix ===== BMW V4.8.0 === ==
1. Display of the FEM / BDC frequency support of the system
2. Support of the FEM / BDC exchange function, you can exchange
FEM modules / BDC used

3. The FEM / BDC system now supports 16 key positions


Transponder Programmer V4.8.1
1. Support the latest version Remote produced after 11,2017
2. HITAG (VAG) (VW / Audi key IMMO5) type, write support EEPROM file while the keys are not locked
3. Immobilizer Data Tool: bugfix for Renault Duster 2010 95040
4. Add Garage Door Remotes: Menu-> Trans-Chip-Remote-> Garage Door


VVDI2 V4.8.0 Software Free Download:



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