VVDI2 Transponder Programmer Software Database Language Tips

VVDI2 database from 2020.11, all are English GL version. And for previous customer who bought some may in Chinese, please send us your VVDI2 SN and country to change database to GL version.

And we also received the feedback that GL database can not check normally, just like the following pic:


why I can’t see normally factories?

Hi. I tried with all the languages ​​and the text in the area marked with the red box follows with pure boxes. What should I do so that I can have text in these areas? Thank you very much for your suggestions.


Suggestion from Engineer:

1.Please confirm your VVDI2 database is GL English version.

2.Please use xhorse update kit software to update VVDI2 firmware is already GL version.

If still not solve, try to delete the database, try reload again.


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