VVDI2 Prepare Remote Function Error

VVDI2 Commander Key Programmer updated to V1.2.0.And you can get download link from us to use newest software.


1.And customer gave us feedback that can not understand the page when tried to use Prepare Remote function,just like following pic shows:



Please note that Currently about VVDI2 prepare remote function cannot support English database,only Chinese database.still developing this function.


2.VVDI2 Mini Programmer

VVDI2 Mini Programming is working with VVDI2,and it needs to purchase before,but now,already includes in the package.


1. VVDI 2 Main Interface
2. 5th BDM Programmer
3. OBD2 Cable
4. CAS Plug(Extra plug,need buy from dealer)
5. Remote Programmer(Already includes in the package now)
6. USB Cable

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