VVDI2 Key Programmer Program VW Tiguan 2011 Key

VVDI2 Key Programmer full version can support VW, Audi, BMW and Porsche,PSA(PSA Software only support key learn and read pin code),J2534,transponder programming.


And got feedback that VVDI2 use on VW Tiguan 2011. Told that I have to get the pin code, the component security then program key with MVP Pro.Cannot find Tiguan in VVDI 2, then tried to choose Passat 4th immo system, but it only gave the pin code and not the component security.



1.VW Passat has immo in ccm, Tiguan cluster and Passat are different.Please choose the correct cluster, using VVDI2 diag in the key learning menu.

Please try like following in VVDI2 VAG Software:

Key learn>>>4th immobilizer system-VW/Skoda/Seat>>>Auto Detect Type

If this is a model with micronas,or with nec make a differences.If it is with nec24c32 or nec24c64, use diag in key learning section.NO need mvp pro.Back up abs long coding first!!!!!.And back up any immo data before you program.

2.Tiguan is Cluster integrated Immo based as on Golf 5 for the Micronas MCU inside, later models are Golf 6 Based with NEC MCU + 24c32 or 64, Vvdi2 is capable of doing both types, however there’s a catch within as it will demand it’s serial number to be matched or hooked with a Condor key cutting machine in order to allow CS calculating via Xhorse server.XhorseVVDI also has the bundle package of Condor Condor XC-MINI Plus VVDI2,help you Free Get ECU mac Pin and CS Function.

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