vvdi2 does not decode the mqb48 immo data 5000 error

Xhorse MQB48 NEC35XX is new function, needs to purchase the license to get, and if you have both vvdi2+vvdi prog, and key tool plus. We suggest add on key tool plus, as RH850 adapter can do more types, only with key tool plus now.
And we received feedback that
Xhorse vvdi2 wont Calculate immo data? bought the license week ago
I do all this things at the end it shows me the error and concerning vvdi2 does not decode the immo data
Engineer suggestion:
error 5000 means mqb48 license is not activated
If license activated, please update vvdi2 firmware, then sync the vvdi2

Newest feedback:

activation OK,It’s ok, Perfect






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