VVDI2 BMW CAS2 Read EEPROM Security Login Failed Error

VVDI2 BMW can support BMW CAS1,CAS2CAS3,CAS3+ via OBDII way for both IMMO and change KM function. But when tried to use VVDI2 BMW read CAS2 2004 year model eeprom,it shows error like following:


How to solve the problem?

1.If you want to IMMO function, CAS2 supported to do via OBDII, no need to read eeprom dump file,click “Key learn” in the software is OK.


2.If you want to change KM. For Security Login Failed Error, please use CAS Plug to read eeprom dump file or use VVDI Prog to read.And if you have other tools also will be OK.

And we have vvdi2 bmw+cas4+vvdi prog bundle package for sale.

Meanwhile,the following is BMW EWS and CAS support list .


If you want to BMW FEM authorization,please contact us online to buy authorization,it needs to buy separately.

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