V3.5.4 VVDI VAG Vehicle Diagnostic Tool Update

VVDI VAG Vehicle Diagnostic Interface is professional tool for the vehicles VW Audi-Powerful function tool,support update online,now,newest version is V3.5.4.You can update it online to get latest version.


vvdi-update-3 vvdi-update-4 vvdi-update-5 vvdi-update-6 vvdi-update-7

How to update VVDI China VAG Vehicle Diagnostic Interface?
1) VVDI Hardware update: use the upgrade tool “Commander Immo Plus” (please contact us to send you) to find out the Serial Number and then send it us, after we complete update, we will send you the updating software, after receiving the software, import it into “commanderupdate v1.3” to update hardware.
2) VVDI software update: once we have the newest version software, we will add the download link at the VVDI description page and remark the additional features.


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