VVDI PROG unlock PCF7941 PCF7953 PCF7937 tested OK

It’s newly tested OK to reset/ unlock PCF7941 PCF7953 PCF7937 key transponder chip by VVDI PROG Programmer! And we have VVDI Prog Plus PCF79XX adapter bundle package.Check below steps and software screenshots!

VVDI PROG reset PCF79xx chip main steps:

Open VVDI PROG V4.5.7 software, select Type: 2-MCU, Brand: NXP-PCF79xx and Chip accordingly.

Click the “Open” button to open the bin file.

Click the “Reset Protect” button and “Yes”. It will erase all key chip data.

Click the “Open” again then click “Write” and “Yes” to continue.

After that click the “Set Protect” button to complete.

VVDI PROG reset PCF7941 for Opel Astra H

vvdi-prog-unlock-reset-pcf7941-pcf7953-pcf7922-pcf7937-steps-1 vvdi-prog-unlock-reset-pcf7941-pcf7953-pcf7922-pcf7937-steps-2 vvdi-prog-unlock-reset-pcf7941-pcf7953-pcf7922-pcf7937-steps-3

VVDI PROG reset PCF7953 for BMW F series

vvdi-prog-unlock-reset-pcf7941-pcf7953-pcf7922-pcf7937-steps-4 vvdi-prog-unlock-reset-pcf7941-pcf7953-pcf7922-pcf7937-steps-5

vvdi xhorse tool VVDI PROG reset PCF7937 for Opel Insignia

vvdi-prog-unlock-reset-pcf7941-pcf7953-pcf7922-pcf7937-steps-6 vvdi-prog-unlock-reset-pcf7941-pcf7953-pcf7922-pcf7937-steps-7

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Password: 123456

VVDI PROG manual for users check here:


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