VVDI PROG Support Read BMW B48 ISN With BOSH Adapter

V4.9.9 VVDI Prog software newly add  B48(ADAPTER) option in <10-BOSH-ECU-ADAPTER>->

vvdi-prog-read-bmw-b48-isn-1 vvdi-prog-read-bmw-b48-isn-2

In previous, some other equipment reads the B48 EUC, it is necessary to connect the ECU to a BDC platform with a key, the ISN can only be read after the BDC is powered on. Which is not available for people who do not have a set of BDC box keys (the platform wire harness that can be connected to the engine computer is required when reading). Now VVDI PROG reads the B48 ISN without connection to the BDC with the key or the connection of the wiring cable. It can be read directly by vvdi prog with BOSH ECU Adapter  (when reading the data, it must be connected to the Internet ).


VVDI PROG will continue to add more functions. MSV90 is also a common type, and hope to see this menu appear in the catalog as soon as possible.


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