VVDI PROG read write Mercedes W221 W211 wiring diagram here

Here I share with you: VVDI PROG clear wiring diagram and pinout for Mercedes W221 front SAM control unit, W221 ISM with ST10F269 and W211 central gateway control unit. Hope it helps!

I tested VVDI PROG Programmer OK to read & write EEPROM Mercedes W221 front SAM unit with mask 4L91N and flash OK.

Below are the PCB picture and clear wiring diagram

vvdi-prog-read-mercedes-w221-front-sam-control-unit-pinout-1 vvdi-prog-read-mercedes-w221-front-sam-control-unit-pinout-2

And I successfully read and wrote a W221 ISM unit with ST10F269! VVDI PROG can do it.

Check this pinout connection:

vvdi-prog-read-w221-ism-st10f269-pinout-3 vvdi-prog-read-w221-ism-st10f269-pinout-4-1024x768

Last one I can confirm is VVDI PROG can read and write W211 central gateway unit, EEPROM and flash OK! A211 445 26 00

Connection just like XPROG


That’s all about today’s sharing. Hope you like it!

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