VVDI Prog Read Porsche BCM Data Tips

We need to disassemble the BCM to read the data from Porsch IMMO. When using VVDI PROG to read a Porsche BCM,needs to remove and cut a wire next to the crystal oscillator.


When cutting wires,it may get some problems: if the force is too heavy, the lower circuit board will be cut and the BCM will be damaged. Some customers often fail to turn off the welding technique when restoring the cut wires, resulting in a short circuit to the ground. The relay installed in the vehicle’s BCM keeps beating, and the vehicle does not respond.

In order to reduce the risk, you can use the following method to read the data. The components on the front still need to be removed,

1: diode (the diode needs to recognize the direction, the direction can not be wrong,

2: 0 ohm resistance

3– crystal oscillator

vvdi-prog-software-for-por-bcm-2 vvdi-prog-software-for-por-bcm-3

After removing the components on the front side of the circuit board, the capacitors need to be removed on the reverse side of the circuit board. Depending on the CPU model, the location to remove the capacitor is different. (Divided into 2M25J 1N35H 5M48H)



After this steps, there is no need to cut the thread, which is relatively safe.

It should be noted here that there is glue on the back of the BCM circuit board. When separating, you need to pay attention to it and remember not to use excessive force.

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