VVDI Prog Read AT24C64(CLIP) “Read Error” Tips

VVDI PROG EEPROM Clip Adapter works with VVDI Prog can support many chips type,and use appropriate CLIP CABLE to clip the chip,ensure reliable electrical connection.Some circuit need use the PROBE.

We received customers feedback that VVDI Prog programmer when read AT24C64(CLIP) I try many times and many eeproms. The clip its connected right also. But still no succses with read.


1.Please check wither socket way,and test with other clip adapter chips.

With socket no problem. Only with clip and clip adapter not working

The clip i tested in other device
Clip and cable are good
i test 4 chips different.And al the chips are good also. Cus other device can read it. Without problems.

2.If the 1 test are OK,please confirm the chip brand.

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