VVDI Prog EZS Adapter work with VVDI Key Tool Plus?

Can someone confirm whether or not this kit works with the Key Tool Plus?  

VVDI Prog EZS adapter, it is working OK with Key Tool Plus

But it will need optional cable DB9 cable, this not release yet. As we received that in key tool plus it shows the pic VVDI Prog EZS adapter is working with Key Tool plus



but vvdi key tool plus defaulted package is DB15 cable, VVDI Prog EZS Adapter is 9 pin connectors, cannot connect.



vvdi-prog-ezs-adapter-work-with-vvdi-key-tool-plus-1 vvdi-prog-ezs-adapter-work-with-vvdi-key-tool-plus-3

Then you use DB9 cable for Benz EIS/EZS adapters


Or you can try this at present, as the DB9 adapter not release now. But as a friendly reminder, we are not responsible for the damage. Better to wait VVDI Key Tool Plus DB9 for Benz EIS/EZS adapters. Thanks.
Need to remove plastic and connect like following pic:



Please note:

Most VVDI Prog, VVDI MB Tool adapter not compatible with VVDI Key Tool Plus. Like the VVDI MB Tool adapter, if you use VVDI MB Tool power adapter, it will get error like following pic, please use the power adapter in Key Tool plus default package.


We also received review to check whether VVDI PROG BOSH ECU adapter work with VVDI Key Tool Plus? NO, Key Tool plus has optional BOSH ECU Adapter, will release soon, please wait more time.



xhorse-ecu-adapter-for-keytoolplus-1 xhorse-ecu-adapter-for-keytoolplus-2


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