VVDI Multi Prog V30 Database Add SPC57XX MB96FXXX

VVDI MULTI PROG released V30 database, adding ST SPC57XX, FUJITSU MB96FXXX…


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V30 Database Update Info (2024-07-05)

* Update the option EIS-W639-3K853 wiring diagram
* Update the option SAG BCM-1(MC9S12G128) and Sino Trunk BCM-1(STM8AF52AA) wiring diagram
* Fix the DJ3 and DL3 series options in V850 failed to set the vibration frequency in some module
* Fix the crack failure issue of HC908AZ60A_FLASH_SECURED  option in <MCU>-><Motorola>->< MC68HC(9)08 Series>
+ Add GL8 13 KEY(2006) option in <IMMOBILIZER>-><Buick>-><Buick>
+ Add FOCUS DASHBOARD(D70F3425) option in <DASHBOARD>-><Ford>-><Ford>
+ Add Baleno BCM(R7F701623) option in <OTHER>-><Suzuki>-><Suzuki>
+ Add Hyundai BCM(R7F701648) option in <OTHER>-><Hyundai>-><Hyundai>
+ Add VW Passat Gateway Module(D70F3433) option in  <OTHER>-><VW>-><VW>
+ Add M350803, M350806, M35080V6, M35080VP options in <Serial EEPROM&FLASH>-><ST>-><M35XXX>
+ D80, D160 options in <Serial EEPROM&FLASH>-><ST>-><DXX>
+ Add R7F0C001G, R7F0C001L, R7F0C002G, R7F0C002L, R7F0C014B, R7F0C014L, options in <MCU>-><Renesas>-><RL78-R7F0XX>
+ Add SPC570S40, SPC570S50, SPC572L64, SPC574K72, SPC574S60, SPC574S64 options in <MCU>-><ST>-><SPC57XX>
+ Add MB96F313A/R/Y, MB96F315A/R/Y, MB96F326A/R/Y, MB96F336U, MB96F338R/U/Y, MB96F343D/F, MB96F345D/F, MB96F346A/R/Y, MB96F347A/R/Y, MB96F353A/R, MB96F355A/R/Y, MB96F356A/R/Y, MB96F378C/H/T, MB96F379R/Y, MB96F385R/Y, MB96F388H/T, MB96F389R/Y, MB96F395R/Y, MB96F612A/R, MB96F613A/R, MB96F615A/R, MB96F622A/R, MB96F623A/R, MB96F625A/R, MB96F633A/R, MB96F635A/R, MB96F636R, MB96F637R, MB96F643A/R, MB96F645A/R, MB96F646R, MB96F647R, MB96F653A/R, MB96F655A/R, MB96F656R, MB96F657R, MB96F673A/R, MB96F6B5A/R, MB96F6B6R, MB96F6C5A/R, MB96F6C6R, MB96F8D3K3/4, MB96F8D3KD/E/F/U/V/W, MB96F8D5K3/4, MB96F8D5KD/E/F/U/V/W, MB96F8E3K3/4, MB96F8E3KD/E/F/U/V/W, MB96F8E5K3/4, MB96F8E5KD/E/F/U/V/W options in <MCU>-><FUJITSU>-><MB96FXXX>




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