VVDI MINI Key Tool Program Mazda BT50 Key With Wire Remote Review

Xhorse XKKF21EN Wire Remote Key KNIFE 2 Style (Flip-3BTN) is new xhorse wire remote. And here we will share one review about VVDI MINI Key Tool program Mazda BT50 Key.

Made a new mazda bt50 remote key.


Review 1


This data need to long press to open the trunk (the original key need to double click), if users want to double click to open the trunk, please generate with version 2.
Match method :
1. Switch the ignition key OFF-ON 4-8 times within 6s, stop at OFF, prompt sounds, enter the matching mode.
2. Press any button of wanted programming remote, prompt sounds, matching complete.
3. If users want to match another remote, please repeat step 2 (All remotes should match completed within 10s.) .
4. Waiting for 10s or ignitioning the car after matching to exit matching mode.

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