VVDI MB TOOL V3.5.0 Free Download

V3.5.0 VVDI MB BGA Tool software is released today,and it adds more functions,like W209, W211 read the password (IR) under OBD mode,newly add W251 EIS type.Here is the free download likn of V3.5.0 VVDI Benz Software.

vvdi-benz-v350-1 vvdi-benz-v350-2

New Update – VVDI MB TOOL V3.5.0 (2017-11-21)

Require firmware V3.5.0
BENZ V3.5.0

Free download VVDI MB TOOL V3.5.0 Software :  

https: / /mega.nz/#!v8oliRTb!J0_3HbwZUoUar9BjKDx3Q-_pSQn554Vm91M4p8pqLQ0


1. Attention: Any user update device to firmware v3.5.0, software v3.5.0
2. Improve password success rate clear, the server will continue to improve the database
3. New Function: Menu-> Other Function-> Eeprom Dump Tool, Repair Support W210 / W220 ISE eeprom dump
4. New Function: Menu-> Other Function-> Read / Write EERPOM via OBDII, Support Read CPU eeprom from W202, W208 , W210 EIS directly with KLine
5. New Function: Menu-> Other Function-> Customer Request, Support Support Unit with CAN Control (Professional User Use)
6. Support Detect OBDII EIS Chip , after reading the EIS data by OBDII,you can get the CPU chip is motorola or NEC
7. Support renew W639, W906 (NEC) ESL via KLine
8. Bugfix for OBD communication with W639, W906 on the bench
9. Bugfix for erasing problem in W204 ESL
10. Bugfix for IR read key hash on the EIS Motorola
11 Support W209, W211 read the password (IR) under OBD mode
12. Add W251 EIS type
13. In the Prepare Key File window, support back up the key file in the EIS folder automatically
14. Support Polish language
15. Bugfix

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