VVDI MB Tool Read Benz HC05 Based Key Password Via IR Reviews

VVDI MB Tool password online calculation can support large arrnage of Benz car models. Meanwhile some car models can read key password directly, like V51 V57,,and HC05 based one. Here we will share review about VVDI MB BGA Tool read password via IR from HC05 based Mercedes cars which is older than 2004.As a friendly reminder,if can not read directly,please get key password online.

In the course,you need IR cable,just like following pic shows,it is default adapter in VVDI Benz package.


Benz E320 2004 read password via IR 5 minutes add key.


by the way its on car not bench read by obd and read password by IR 10 minutes,and it is all key lost.

its truth …5 min

if you don’t believe that an hc05 based vehicle can give you key password by IR in 5 minutes even in all key lost ….means you don’t know very well Mercedes key programming lol

w203,w209,w211 from 2001 to 2003: its 90 percent probabilities key pass by IR …..if you guys don’t know that its better you come back to school …cause that’s basics.

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