VVDI MB Tool Password Calculation Can’t Find Password Error

VVDI MB Tool Power Adapter used with VVDI MB BGA Tool to collect W204, W207 all lost, only need 18 minutes.If not use the Mercedes-Benz power adapter will take about 150 minutes. VVDI MB power connector will help you save nearly 2 hours.


And when vvdi mb tool do password calculation online

Choose Mode and Chassis W204 W207,second step is data acquisition

Connect device>>MB Power Adapter>>OBD Line>>Cable OBD

Connect IR adapter to VVDI MB Tool

Data acquisition

Then update date and acquisition data

Press “Query result” to get key password

But it got error “can’t find password from file,please use “data acquistion” for new data!



The result is failed,please get new data and try again.Just like the error information shows.

And please confirm your tokens.This process will need tokens,if you do have tokens,it will ask payed tokens in the error message.

If it is successful,it will display like following:


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