VVDI key tool: Hyundai 3 buttons svi-MDFEU03 not available…(Solved)

This post starts with one user’s question: Have VVDI key tool, the Hyundai 3 buttons svi-MDFEU03 not available on the list but the board look like svi-CMFEU03, i have tried to unlock but i get ic error all time.

Hyundai-3-buttons-01 Hyundai-3-buttons-02

Xhorse support replies:

you can do like this: (ensure your VVDI KEY TOOL is latest version)

clean the 7952 chip connection pins.

then use cables soldering ‘Brown SDA’ connect to ‘pin 22’, ‘Yellow SCL’ connect to ‘pin21’,also VCC GND connected.

testing again and post here the result.

This user gives feedback:

i have test again today .. i have clean the board well…it work ok now the key is now unlocked.


i have try to unlock land rover keyless my key frequency is 315MHZ

i have use the menu 5E0U40247 434mhz

after the procedure key frequency changed to 304.5mhz and key info (hitag unable to clone)

Good suggest:

This key not need to open to renew if you want to program on car if is added with abritus.

Also i think you dont need to open to renew eaven if is addes with another tool.

All you can done on obd when adding in kvm

Hope this helps.


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