VVDI MB Tool EIS/ELV Test Line for Mercedes 12 Cables with A164 Gateway

VVDI MB BGA EIS/ELV Test Line for Mercedes W204 W212 W221 W164 W166 W205 W222,XhorseVVDI previous EIS/ELV test line is total 8 cables,but now we have added more total 12 cables with W164 gateway cable and gateway wiring harness adapter [the adapter with the ordinary line can replace the VVDI 146.209 .211. And the dedicated wiring harness can be used to read the lock directly (need VVDI gateway simulator or fast collector mode cable have access to read the lock)].



EIS/ELV Test Line 12 cables with W164 gateway cable and gateway wiring harness adapter

W203  W639  K
W202 W208 W210 K
W209 W211
4PIN ESL 169
3PIN ESL 203
W220 W215 W230 K
5PIN ESL OLD 202 208 210
5PIN ESL 203 211 219 209 906 639

1.CLASSE A B W169  K Line Read/Write Test



2.W202 W208 W210  K Line Read/Write Test Cable



eis-elv-test-line-vvdi-benz-w202-w208-w210-2 And this switch is used to CPU1 and CPU2 switching.I for CPU1,II to CPU2.

3.W203  K Line Read/Write Test Cable

eis-elv-test-line-vvdi-benz-w203-1 eis-elv-test-line-vvdi-benz-w203-2

4.W203 W211 W219 W209 W906 W639 Test Line

eis-elv-test-line-vvdi-benz-w203-w211-w219-1 eis-elv-test-line-vvdi-benz-w203-w211-w219-2

5.W202 W208 W210  K Line Test Cable Read/Write

eis-elv-test-line-vvdi-benz-w208-w210-1 eis-elv-test-line-vvdi-benz-w208-w210-2

6.W209 W211  CAN Line Read/Write Test Cable

eis-elv-test-line-vvdi-benz-w209-w211-1 eis-elv-test-line-vvdi-benz-w209-w211-2

eis-elv-test-line-vvdi-benz-w209-w211-gateway This is gateway simulator

The above harness requires a gateway or gateway adapter to connect the harness to complete the reading process.

7.Gateway harness adapter


8.W169  CAN

vvdi-mb-tool-w169-can-1 vvdi-mb-tool-w169-can-2

9.W220 W210 W230  K

vvdi-mb-tool-w220-w230-k-1 vvdi-mb-tool-w220-w230-k-2

10.W639-2009 CAN  CPU 0L01Y

vvdi-mb-tool-w639-can-1 vvdi-mb-tool-w639-can-2

11.W203 W639  K  1L02M  2J74Y 4J74Y.etc

vvdi-mb-tool-w203-w639-k-1 vvdi-mb-tool-w203-w639-k-2

12.W906 CAN

vvdi-mb-tool-w639-can-1-1 vvdi-mb-tool-w639-can-2-1 vvdi-mb-tool-w906-can-



Support the gateway like following shows


Package includes:

1pc x W639-2009
1pc x W906
1pc x W203  W639  K
1pc x W202 W208 W210 K
1pc x W209 W211
1pc x CGW ZGW
1pc x 4PIN ESL 169
1pc x W169
1pc x 3PIN ESL 203
1pc x W220 W215 W230 K
1pc x 5PIN ESL OLD 202 208 210
1pc x 5PIN ESL 203 211 219 209 906 639
1pc x Mercedes A164 Gateway Adapter
1pc x Gateway Adapter

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