VVDI MB Tool 1 year subscription for unlimited tokens, how much & how to get it?

Xhorsevvdi.com provide 1 year subscription for unlimited tokens: 380USD on sale.

Please click the product link:http://www.xhorsevvdi.com/wholesale/unlimited-tokens-for-vvdi-mb-tool.html

-> No country limit but only China.


Single tokens are also available all the time:

1 token on sale 30USD

5 tokens on sale 145USD

10 tokens on sale 290USD

How to get the tokens?

Please provide your name, country, email and MB serial No.


How to check the tokens times?
If you have condor mini/xc-007 key cutting machine,after you bind condor with VVDI MB Tool,it will display free token.
If you purchase the tokens,after we inform tokens are OK,you can see payed tokens times.


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