VVDI MB questions and answers on its capabilities

There are several question on Xhorse VVDI MB that asked by a beginner, and followed with answers and reviews.

1. Renew by IR only possible with BE key right?
2. NEC key can be read/erase with NEC Key adapter right?
Answer:1&2 correct as long as ROM is supported

3. If 2 is correct, erase means I make key to blank and make it rewritable via IR?
Or can I only make NEC key usable to new car by writing with NEC key adapter?
Answer: 3 u can write by IR once key is ‘new’.

4. How can I make “keyless go” key?
buy used nec keyless go, renew, and write with NEC key adapter or via IR?
Answer: which version of your original keyless go key?

5. Based on product description, it supports V08, V09, V61 keyless go keys.
Is there any ways to determine which version of chip by visually or FCC ID?
Answer: cannot, just identification the original key by VVDI MB TOOL
software will show you.

6. Is there NEC key housing that appearance is like BGA key?
Answer: 6-Yes u can buy BGA like shell for NEC keys, BE keys usually come with ‘BGA’ shell


My experience with VVDI MB, I use VVDI MB for:
1- identification the key
2- identification ESL
3- Read Data from EIS and for some cars read password by IR
4- calculation for key data


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