VVDI Max Clone ID46 and Add XN Remote to Honda City 2015 Guide

In this article, we’ll show you how to clone ID46 chip and add a key for Honda City 2015 using VVDI Max and Xhorse XN Wireless Remote (XNHY02EN).


Let’s install a battery and start the process.

Step 1. Generate the remote

On VVDI Max, select

Vehicle Remote>>Honda>>[All remotes]>>City>>HLIK-1T City Thailand XK 2/1179

It prompts to use Wire Remote or Wireless Remote, and here use an XNHY02EN Wireless Remote.


Put the remote PCB into the coil and press “Generate”.



Step 2. Program the remote manually

Turn on the ignition by the original key, press the lock button of the XN remote, and turn off&on the ignition by the original key.

Repeat the procedure three times.


Test if the remote works. If it doesn’t respond, repeat the procedure above.


Step 3. Clone ID46

On Xhorse Max, go to “Transponder Clone”.

Read the original key.


Select “Clone” and “46 Transponder Clone”.

Put the XN Remote into the coil as prompts.

Wait for writing data.

Start car OK.



That’s how Key Tool Max clones the ID46 and adds an Xhorse XN Remote to Honda City 2015.



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