VVDI Key Tool Plus Orange version Vs. Red Version

Exciting News! Xhorse VVDI Key Tool Plus Global Version is in stock at xhorsevvdi.com. It is Orange color (the Red color for use in China).



Question and Answer:

Q:What is the difference of the CHINA version and GLOBAL version?

A:The RED color is the CHINA version, the  orange is the GLOBAL version, They are not in the same coverage database, They support different models, CHINA version supports more Chinese cars.

Q:May I know can I use China version Xhorse Key Tool Plus outside of China? Will it geo-block in the future?

A: Yes, it will geo-block in the future,.

Q: It can do Toyota RAV4 2020 add and lost key?

A: key too plus can add key for Toyota RAV4 2020, but I’m not sure AKL.

Here you read the guide Toyota A8 Smart key OBD programming:


Q: What has the orange advance more than another vvdi plus pad?


– The orange version is Global version and it is full advanced version.

– The red one have the 2 basic and advance version, the basic version does not include the anti-theft matching and programming functions of Volkswagen, BMW, Mercedes-Benz.


Q: What language available?

A: VVDI Key Tool Plus Multi-language: English, Thailand, Francais, Polski, Hindi, Chinese (Free to switch at present, the language will keep updating)



Q: What’s the price?

A: Here you can go


You can contact at the online customer as you like.


Q: What are the product information?

A: In the above link, it lists all of VVDI Key Tool Plus information. Also, in http://blog.xhorsevvdi.com/ you just search key tool plus, there will be a bunch of details.


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