VVDI Key Tool Plus Add Key for Toyota Hilux 2014 Tips

One customer gave feedback that his Xhorse Tablet can’t add a key for 2014 Hilux. He tried Type3 and Type2, neither of them made it.

No communication via Type3, and key being registered already.



Remotes: Wire Remote XKTO04EN


Remote Control: Hilux/ Fortuner/ Tacoma 735


Here is the Possible Solution:

Try Manual Programming by the guide,


This car default configuration is press down the unlock button 1 times to open the driver door, press down the unlock button 2 times to open the all doors.

Match method:

1.Close all doors, open the driver door.

2.Insert then remove the ignition key twice.

3.Close then open the driver door twice.

4.Insert and remove the ignition key once.

5.Close then open the driver door twice.

6.Insert the ignition key, close driver door.

7.Switch ignition key to ON.

8.Remove the ignition key, center control operates twice.

9.Press both LOCK and UNL OCK button of wanted programming remote at the same time for 1 second then release, repeat it once within 1 second, central control switches once automatically, programming completes.


Hope this could help!


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