VVDI Key Tool Plus 2017 Jaguar XF AKL Programming Tips


To program 2017 Jaguar XF all key lost, tried both VVDI Key Tool Plus and VVDI2 not work.

The front BCM and KVM come from the same vehicle and the Vin number is the same

I read Dflash EEprom from KVM and Dflash from BCM.

When opening BCM Dflash for emergency start during the 2015~2018 JLR program.

But “this file is not supported by current module”.





Here are the correct procedures after reading data:

1)Load data into key1 or key2 of the original key

2)Only load KVM Dflash and KVM EEPROM data, BCM data is not required

3)After data loading, car will emergency start


Here are some Tips:

1.If Key Tool Plus reads out data, then load it to the tablet for programming keys

2.Ensure modules the tablet reads come from the vehicle to be programmed


Hope this could help!


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